Functional Displays

(Formerly known as Xable’s Displays)

A collection of food display cases, wall-mounted display cases and other ways to display your favourite items.

Wall-mounted Museum Displays
– Small Wall Fish Display
– Large Wall Fish Display
– Small Wall Bug Display

Wall-mounted Miscellaneous Displays (for all items)
– Large Wall Shingle Display
– Small Wall Display
– Large Wall Display
– Small Wall Plaque Display
– Large Wall Plaque Display

Food Displays
– Pie Stand (for all food items)

Collection Displays
– Seashell Collection Display
– Gold Crop Collection Display

Miscellaneous Displays
– Museum Display (for all categories)
– Smaller Display (for all categories)

To turn a Bug or Fish Display into a wall-mounted version, simply put the display on the carving table and carve it!


v1.0 - 2019 05 25
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