Craftable Stone Paw

I love the stone paw paths and the animal displays so much, but like everything in Sierra’s shop, I have a lot of trouble getting her to restock exactly what I need, and / or have the funds to pay for it when she does have them.

To counter that, I’ve added these recipes to the Workbench, so we can all have all our animals out wherever we please!


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Paw Path

50 Stone in the Workbench = 1 Paw Path

Animal Display

1 Paw Path + 1 Stardust = 1 Animal Display


v1.0 - 2021 03 01
  • Added recipes for:
    • Paw Path
    • Animal Display


How do I install this mod?

Download the .zip file from Google Drive and unzip it into 

\AppData\LocalLow\Bitten Toast Games\GardenPaws\Mods\
For a more detailed explanation, check out the Modding wiki page.

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